May 22, 2008
Csaba, FUFA lose the plot yet again

Moments after Tanzania eliminated Uganda from the African Championship of Nations last Saturday, the gurus gave their verdict on Cranes coach Csaba Laszlo.

Lumu: I think FUFA should be probed for hiring a con-man instead of a coach.
Vianney: He's actually a kick-boxer.
Lumu: Why?
Vianney: I heard that during half time, the joker smashed a table in pieces on top of hitting a flask
Lumu: Me I'm convinced he is a former wrestler coz the guy only knows one training method of making players carry themselves on the back.
Zziwa: Guys, guys…even if you call him names, he's still our coach. Period!
Lumu: But we can't just lie down like you sleeping dogs who cannot act.
Zziwa: My friend be careful 'coz I've built my name for more than two decades.
Madoi: Why not go tell that to your CBS listeners?
Vianney: Aside from that, I don't know much football but Csaba lost the plot.
Madoi: Stupid! You say you don't know football then why waste our time discussing football?
Zziwa: I never thought Germans could be tactically poor after seeing the magic of Otto and Pape.
Lumu: I actually hear the guy has no German roots but hides in the German nationality to boost his image.
Jeff: You guys should give Csaba a break. Did the guy steal your chics?
Lumu: Ela you, ever thinking about creatures in skirts…didn't you get married juuzi?
Zziwa: Hahahaha, but I'm told Madoi wore a skirt when he was circumcised…
Madoi: Grow up jaja.
Vianney: Back to Csaba guys, I think FUFA should be planning to give him a good send off.
Zziwa: In all fairness, I've also disqualified Csaba.
Vianney: I think FUFA is confused too; they shouldn't have put the blame on his assistants.
Lumu: Waa…but Timbe is the perfect choice Timbe, he will change the team
Madoi: What changes will that lapdog bring?
Zziwa: FUFA are rushing into a graveyard.
Vianney: Surely how could FUFA hire Otti to work on the players' psychology?
Lumu: It's a case of a wrong man in a wrong profession like the Mulago doctors that killed Okecho
Vianney: Come to think of it… Wilbrod Okecho is a great loss to basketball.
Jeff: Terrible stuff, such a good player at the post.
Madoi: Surely the doctors should be prosecuted.
Vianney: Then what of the guys who shot him?
Lumu: Be sent to hunt Kony 'coz they are skilled in shooting…
Zziwa: Don't say I didn't warn Lumu that he's mad!