May 15, 2008
Hail the champions!


Manchester United’s referee-aided 10th Premiership win brought the best out of the Locker room gurus, including an unheralded Murodo...

Murodo: People were laughing at us at the start of the season now see where they are.
Kavuma: I warned them that they were like a poor bicycle rider laughing at a Mercedes Benz driver fixing a tyre puncture. When the guy has fixed the tyre, he will just zoom past the bicycle that Arsenal and Liverpool are.
Vianney: I can't forget the derogatory remarks: Man-who from Sebugwawo and Nani-wuyo from Baker.
Madoi: You guys are happy like you are even going to get a cent from grand pa Fergie.
Vianney: Waaa... Zziwa has decided to return to KCC now.
Lumu: You Man-U guys just buy refs simple.
Ssemujju: This Vianney man is putting on suits now because of Man-U.
Zziwa: No! The ka-man wants to be Villa secretary; he's making an impression.
Madoi: The Luyimbazi guy has been complaining mbu, akaana kajja wanno nga kambuza ebibuzo (The boy comes here asking me questions yet he wants my job).
Ssemujju: Is that so?
Madoi: True! Yet the guy became secretary long before Vianney was born.
Vianney: Madoi is being diversionary; I'm not interested in any Villa job.
Zziwa: Okay. But you've seen how George Nsimbe has made wonders at KCC?
Jeff: Surely all you guys should be happy for us (KCC).We've waited for 11 years.
Vianney: Thumbs up to Nsimbe and KCC.
Madoi: I hear George is Vianney's elder brother; don't you see their noses?
Vianney: I'm not related to him.
Zziwa: Eh! Vianney, you promised to crush KCC on Friday what happened? The problem; you're so verbose.
Vianney: You may've planned to eat posho for lunch but reaching there, there is rice; that's what happened.
Edris: Zziwa is an opportunist; he's not watched any KCC game now he's basking in joy.
Zziwa: Now look at this kasodde.
Lumu: Ah ah! Zziwa you're annoyed and abusive now.
Zziwa: No no! Edris should know that I've been involved in KCC meetings.
Edris: You only turned to KCC when Arsenal was out and that was last week when the Cup was looming. I admit I've not watched Express much.
Zziwa: Luckily I'm not a Liverpool fan like you. Benitez buys and sells a lorry every season.
Baker: This time we only want Gareth Barry.