LAST UPDATED 7th July 2005
Getting men to stop abortions
For many young couples, sex is just fun, a game; until something starts kicking to remind them that there is more to sex than just smiles.
Family planning: Men speak out
Family is about two people - man and woman; and if the children come along, they complete the picture.
In developing countries like Uganda, modern family planning awareness is low and still wrapped in mystery.
Midwifery: Few men explore women’s world
Finding a man who is a professional midwife turned out to be most difficult task. It is a midwife after all, not a ‘mid-husband’.
Tears from the wilderness
The tap tap of the Acholi drums still sounds in the camps. There is life here after all. In sorrow and pain, the Acholi find warmth in a traditional tune, their sorrow and hope all wrapped up in a song.
Will the DRB settle troubled marriages?
Marriage! Maybe it boils down to sex or the lack of it, but when it means death, depression and destruction, there is something that must be done about an institution millions are dying for.
CEDOVIP offering shelter from shame
Police at Kiira Road station last week received a rare care of domestic violence.
UWOPA seeks equal opportunities for all
A recent visit to her home district of Kaberamaido shocked the Chairperson Uganda Women Parliamentarians (UWOPA) Mary Amajo to her senses.
Ending violence against women
Violence against women is arguably one of the world's most prevalent, pervasive, and systemic problems.
ACT NOW: Say no to Violence Against Women
"Women's empowerment and their full participation on the basis of equality in all spheres of society, including participation in the decision-making process and access to power, are fundamental for the advancement of equality, development and peace."