10th May, 2006
Thirsty for safe water
Government figures show that Uganda has performed well on Millennium Development Goal Seven on water and the environment. As RICHARD M. KAVUMA writes, however, sanitation threatens to soil the party.
Good policies, poor policing
Millennium Development Goal 7 aims to integrate the principles of sustainable development into our policies and programmes as well as reversing loss of environment resources. Richard M. Kavuma asked the executive director of the National Environment Management Authority(NEMA), DR ARYAMANYA-MUGISHA HENRY about Uganda’s performance
Caught between donors and Museveni
We live in two worlds: the rich north and the desperately poor south. Millennium Development Goal 8 aims at creating a global north-south partnership to help poor countries like Uganda improve their lot. In the last of our eight-part series on MDGs, RICHARD M. KAVUMA writes on limited progress amidst the rope pulling between donors and President Museveniís government
The morning after
If there is one area that Uganda has shined, it is HIV/Aids. But as RICHARD M. KAVUMA writes on Millennium Development Goal Six, not only is there a danger of complacency, but the gains being made against HIV/Aids are threatened by Malaria.


Malaria rolls back success
Although Uganda is internationally recognised for battling HIV/AIDS, Malaria remains the leading health problem in the country.


Pangs of death for Ugandan mothers
In our continuing series on Uganda and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), this week RICHARD M. KAVUMA focuses on MDG 5; improving maternal mortality.


Saving baby Allen
In our continuing assessment of Uganda's performance on the Millennium Development Goals, RICHARD M. KAVUMA reports that hundreds of Ugandan children still die every day of illnesses that could be easily prevented


From kitchens to boardrooms
This is the 3rd part of our Millennium Development Goals series. RICHARD M. KAVUMA asks if Uganda is scoring Goal Three, which is about women empowerment.


UPE goal could go offside
In part II of our assessment of Uganda's performance on the global Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), RICHARD M. KAVUMA looks at Goal Two which aims at primary education for all.


No food for three days
In September 2000, world leaders gathered at the United Nations in New York adopted eight development goals, with specific targets to be achieved by the year 2015.