Enduring art, sport at St. Henry's Kitovu
Perched up high on a hill is St. Henry’s College Kitovu, which celebrates 84 years of success this year. This Catholic founded school in Masaka district was started in 1922 by the White Fathers, although it was later picked up by the Brothers of Christian Instruction.
The caning and footballing Kibuli Secondary School
In 1978, at 36 years old, Abbasi Kaawaase Mukasa took over as headmaster of Kibuli Secondary School. Unknown to him, he was going to serve the school for 24 years to come, until his retirement in 2002.
Aggrey Memorial, oh Aggrey Memorial!
Looking at Aggrey Memorial, not many miles from the city in Bunamwaya, it is hard to believe that this school was once one of the academic notables.
Makerere College School known by its works
There is nothing particularly striking about Makerere College School. It has the basics a school should have: classes, laboratories and dormitories.
St. Leo's Kyegobe strives for excellence
Under heavy dark clouds, pregnant with rain, St. Leo’s Kyegobe’s buildings bring colour to what would have been a dull hill.
Nyakasura School; The lion is still awake
What kind of girls are these? They have hairy faces, deep voices and they walk like men. Moving farther into the school, I realize these are boys.
St. Joseph's College Ombachi; riding the tide of achievement
All the way from Terego County in Arua, a young boy’s dream of joining St. Joseph’s College Ombachi was considered ludicrous. Sam Andema’s headmaster at Cilio Primary School advised his parents to make him give up his Ombachi quest.
Their efforts were futile.
Sir Samuel Baker still hanging on
A few kilometres from Gulu town, off Kitgum Road, is an avenue of old tall trees that leads to the once greatest school of the North.
Mt. St. Mary's Namagunga: Bevy of grace and success
As I walk around the school compound, memories flood my head like 1996 was only yesterday when I was a student at Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga.
Nabumali High School: From glory to ashes
While some senior four and senior six students at Nabumali High School in Mbale district were sitting their district mock examinations at around 11a.m. on Thursday, August 10, another group of candidates was orchestrating an attempt to burn their embattled school bursar, Jackson Tomboto Wakholi’s car.
The flailing academic icon of Teso
Teso College, Aloet in Soroti district may only have just gone past the 50-year mark but a summary list of its most prominent old boys reads more like a list of the ‘who is who’ of Teso and its neighbouring regions.
Busoga College Mwiri; 'Ghost' on the hill
After the Bugembe bus stop, the road gets dustier and the bumps more gruelling, but the boda-boda rider does not relent. He keeps on riding faster, with the dust rising higher and higher.
Ntare 'the only' School: laissez-faire attitude pays off
Despite popular thinking that freedom breeds academic failure in students, Ntare School has managed to have both its share of cake and eat it too.
Mityana Secondary School; ninety-eight and counting
It took approximately 20 minutes from Mityana town to get to the school, which has taught six Ugandan bishops and three katikkiros (Buganda prime ministers).
Handsome, hardworking gentlemen from Kisubi

Of the schools I have visited, I have not seen beauty such as I did at St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK).
Perched on top of Kisubi hill, the school gate opens to a wonder world of green grass and trees, as well as randomly selected flowers.

Gayaza, where ladies sprout
Imagine a school so practical that on arrival in S.1, one is given a piece of material to make her own uniform!
This means that she has to sew her sleeves, badge, hem and yoke onto the skeleton of a material, which will be her uniform after the first week of school.
Timeless Mengo

Akwana Akira Ayomba’
Beyond the busy and noisy Hoima Road is Mengo Senior School, which many have heard of but do not know its exact location. Yet no school in Uganda tells of the change in time, and still manages to stand firm like the oldest school in Uganda.

The kings'college

The core of success ‘Gakyali mabaga’
Standing on this hill, I can understand why Semivule was spellbound. The breeze and the view of Lake Victoria have the beauty, which probably filled young Semivule with the confidence to achieve his dream.