March 15, 2007
Clean water for trading centre

By Jackie Nalubwama

River Namalu, one of Karamoja’s surviving perennial rivers is as famous as it is notorious. When it floods in the rainy season, lives are claimed by it and in the dry season its resilience is praised.

The borehole in Namalu that provides clean water to those living in Namalu Trading Centre IMG_3518

The part of the river nearest to Namalu Trading Centre is considered to have water that is not clean enough for domestic use. Based on this, NUSAF sunk a borehole for the people of Namalu through the Nakayot Community Borehole Project.

This 3-year-old Project has made life much easier for people living at this trading centre. As Ambrose Lokwang said it, “Now we have cleaner water than that from the river because water comes from the mountain when it is clean.

But in between the mountains, people use the water and by the time it gets to our village, it is dirty.” Lokwang is the Project’s secretary of the community Project management committee.

The borehole is uniquely constructed to suit animals as well, with an extended animal trough, in that when water spills at the borehole it flows to the animal trough.