March 15, 2007
Classrooms at last
Lunch time at Lobulepeded Primary School.
In sight are the new classrooms built by NUSAF.
These 2 trees were old classrooms at Lobulepeded Primary School before NUSAF built classrooms.

By Jackie Nalubwama

Somewhere between Nakapiripirit Town and Namalu Trading Centre is Lobulepeded Primary School. This bright school, with 2 new buildings, is set between rocks and plain and thus the reason for “Lobulepeded”- meaning a place of stones in Karimojong.

Not so long ago 2 old trees were very significant at this school because that is where classes were conducted, before NUSAF’s classroom building Project came to the region.

At that point in time the rain was more respected than the after school bell, because when it came down, pelting the pupils’ heads, class was automatically adjourned.

Teaching P.1 to P.3, this is an important school because the other nearest school is in Namalu, which is quite far for these young ones to move from Lobulepeded.

Moses Abura, the school’s management committee chairman said though there are 2 classrooms for P.2 and P.3, when it rains, P.1 leaves the trees and shares the P.2 classroom.