March 15, 2007
Lia Primary gets teachers’ quarters

By Jackie Nalubwama

Situated in the outskirts of Moroto Town is Lia Primary School. A school that has been riddled with insecurity so much so that even members of staff fear to stay at the school.

Rose Rebecca Ayugi, the headteacher Lia primary school
The newly constructed staff quarters courtesy of NUSAF

Yet it is both a day and boarding school. The Tepeth, despite belonging to the same clan, are known to fight one another at a bend adjacent to the school.

This has been the main reason for insecurity at the school.
In 2001 and 2002, some children lost their lives on their way back home from school because of Tepeth feuds.

The headmistress, Rose Rebecca Ayugi said, “Teachers used to stay away from the school. Parents of pupils in P.7 are the ones who used to guard their children, who were in night preps.”

NUSAF has now come to the school’s aid and built staff quarters, which will house 2 teachers, at a cost of Shs. 34 million at the school.
Ayugi expects that the quarters will improve security at the school because at least 2 teachers will be residents of the school, giving the children more security because of their presence.