21th October 2004.
NUSAF uplifts women's livelihoods
Below Mt. Kadam in the flat planes of Karamoja lies a new town and district of Nakapiripirit. Like most small upcoming towns, Nakapiripirit has varying issues, among which is low income.
The toilet phenomenon comes to Nakapiripirit
In Karamoja, there is a belief held by some that when you pour ash on your stool, you will run mad.
Projects are community generated
Charles Drici is NUSAF’s District Technical Officer in Nakapiripirit District. He tells The Weekly Observer NUSAF’s achievements in Nakapiripirit.
A workshop for the idle youth
Never before have I seen a town with idle but busy-mouthed youth, like I did in Nakapiripirit. Swollen cheeks, filled with green vegetable-like leaves chewed down with such oomph that one would be hard-pressed not to believe they were nutritious.
Classrooms at last
Somewhere between Nakapiripirit Town and Namalu Trading Centre is Lobulepeded Primary School.
Clean water for trading centre
River Namalu, one of Karamoja’s surviving perennial rivers is as famous as it is notorious. When it floods in the rainy season, lives are claimed by it and in the dry season its resilience is praised.
Cheaper furniture and more gains
Down below the windy road from Nakapiripirit Town is Tokora, a place one can describe as a nascent trading centre.
Disabled receive special education
It appears that there is no stone NUSAF has left unturned, because in Moroto NUSAF has supported education for children with special needs.
Cereal banking increases incomes
The cereal bankers of the Nakapelimen Wazees Cereal Banking Project act just as brokers do on the stock exchange market.
Bicycle repairing makes a difference
Asiz Lowot’s life will never be the same again because of Kitoongoete Moroto Youth Bicycle Spares Project.
Lia Primary gets teachers’ quarters
Situated in the outskirts of Moroto Town is Lia Primary School. A school that has been riddled with insecurity so much so that even members of staff fear to stay at the school.
Washrooms and pigs for Moroto Prison
An old rickety gate opens to a stretch of cultivated land and quarters. People dressed in yellow shirts and shorts are moving up and down the compound.