Article Published on:
29th September 2005

I would not comment on that. But in meetings, he accepts advice. Talk to ministers, talk to any permanent secretary…talk to any MP. When he meets MPs, most of these meetings tend to be public or if they are not, everything comes out in the papers so you tend to know what happens. They would say President Museveni said this but the meeting came up with this. It would show that because of discussion, he was able to share views with his audience and took a different line.

He cracks jokes

He uses many metaphors, proverbs that make his audience laugh. In fact, at times you people in the media don’t understand him. He has used metaphors like this thing of swine [his term for past presidents]. He used it as a metaphor in the Bible but the media misunderstood it.
He uses a lot of biblical explanations. Even his book ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ is something from the Bible.

Not a backstabber… like former minister
Sam Njuba says?

I think Njuba [The Weekly Observer, Issue No. 27] is trying to discredit everything the President does. That is the problem with our opposition. They think they will succeed by discrediting the President and other leaders in the Movement. That won’t work because the people you are talking to know President Museveni. If you go and tell them those bad things, people will not agree with you because they know him in their own way.
I have not seen [Museveni] backstabbing people. That is not the Museveni I know.

Likes young people

Museveni works with young people. What is wrong with that? The fact that he works with young people is not new. At one time these people [criticising him] were young when he started working with them. So they should not disregard other young people. Being young does not stop with you. When you grow old, the young ones come up. President Museveni works with all age groups. Those who say he works with young people, does it mean for them they disregard young people?
Young people are the ones who went to the bush with him and removed dictatorship. When NRA entered Kampala in 1986, it was full of kadogos. Many of them were not wazeyi (elderly people). So President Museveni has not forgotten them.

A gifted leader

I think he is the best gift Uganda has ever had in terms of leadership. [He] understands the way of life of a local person, at the same time he is considering the thinking of a professor. You see we live in a dual society…we are like in two worlds. That is why some people make mistakes. They think everybody is educated, elite; so they go with elite views. But Museveni looks at both worlds and comes out with a middle position, which does not hurt the educated, and the uneducated.


Those who will be there will write my epitaph. I don’t know what they will write. People have different perceptions of others…people will always remember you in different perspectives. There are those you wronged who will remember you as the worst person who ever lived… really I will leave that to those who will write it.

Museveni cares for Ugandans