24th November 2005
Kevin, you died not
Kevin’s untimely death has left me numb and choking. There is a permanent log in my throat; heaviness in my chest.
You inspired the young
Lately, I have been thinking deeply about the life I want to lead going forward, and most importantly the legacy I want to leave when I finally pass on.
Adieu, dear Kevin
Many times in the last six months, when John Ogen Kevin Aliro, the fallen founding managing editor of The Weekly Observer, would tell bits of his life story, senior staff writer, Richard Kavuma, would ask him why he hadn’t written his autobiography yet.
Kevin: what a loss!
I was supposed to help Kevin learn about training during his week in Omaha. I can’t imagine that he learned as much from me as I learned from him.
A friend I will never meet
Just when everything seemed to be going according to plan, the news of Kevin Aliro’s death has taken the wind out of my sails.
Observer, friends, media fraternity mourn Kevin
While John Ogen Kevin Aliro lived, he inspired many journalists in Uganda. Below, Weekly Observer staff, media colleagues and friends bid farewell to a great friend.
Kevin spirit will live on
TAMPA - For the entire time Kevin was sick, I never had a moment’s rest. Every single email, SMS and phone-call from Kampala was enough to make me jump out of my skin.
Tears for a fallen friend
November 12, 2005 will remain a sad day for me. That is the day I lost a very dear friend. At about 5 p.m. a message came in from JT - James Tumusiime of The Weekly Observer.