22th April 2006
Witness fled the country- defence lawyers

The treason trial of Rtd. Col. Dr Kizza Besigye and 22 others started on April 5,2006 at the High Court in Kampala. The state accused them of belonging to and carrying on overt acts in the shadowy Peoples Redemption Army Rebel (PRA) group based in DR Congo.
Besigye is the president of the Forum for Democratic Change(DFC) party who was also the main challenger in the February 23 polls that saw a re-election of President Museveni. He is separately accused with having links to notorious rebel group of the Lord Resistant Army (LTRA).In an effort to prove its case, the state produced its witness number one Miss Jennifer Aryem alias Okecha alias Bongomin.In her evidence in chief , Aryem said she helped link Besigye to LRA. Defence lawyers are cross-examining her, but the case is talking a slow pace. Aryem is sick, suffering from painful throat and ear. Justice Vincent Kagaba adjourned today for the third time to allow prosecution produce Aryem in court tomorrow. Ms HALIMA ABDALLAH captured today’s proceedings.

9.44 AM. Judge takes his seat.
Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr Simon Byabakama (SB) introduces other lawyers.
They are Defence Lead Counsel, Mr Sam Njuba, assisted by Mr David Mpanga, Yusuf Nsibambi, Kiyemba Mutale and John Matovu.
Byabakama May it please you my lord, we appear as before at the bar.

Kagaba Are all the accused present?

Byabakama My lord am informed all the accused are present.

Kagaba Are all interpreter in?

Interpreters all stand up
Kagaba What is the position today?

Byabakama A few minutes ago I received information that PWI is unable to come. She is reported sic my lord.

Kagaba Where did you receive that information from?

Byabakama From Detective Womanya.

Kagaba You don’t know when she would be available ?This is becoming a protracted illness. What happens in that situation?

Byabakama My lord am conscious about court position

Kagaba I can go an another person handle the case, Am concerned about these 223 people.?
Given the situation in which you find yourself, you should have made provision for another witness to b e on standby.

Byabakama I didn’t my lord. If court directs me otherwise, I will have witnesses here tomorrow. I promise that. Secondly, as I said I was in court and received information. I have no direct contact with witnesses but through CID. My humble request is to allow me bring my next witnesses tomorrow. As I said, they are form Gulu.

Mpanga My lord we would like top register our deep concern about the manner in which the prosecution is handling this case. First and foremost, we have nothing other than the alleged word of Mr Womanya regarding the inability of PWI to attend court.

Kagaba Is Womanya here?

Byabakama He came here .Did you see him? Causing laughter’s in court.

Mpanga Seriously my lord, we have no proof of this lady’s inability to attend court. Secondly, my lord, it’s perturbing that in spite of the fact yesterday was a working day, my learned friend did not bother to ascertain the whereabouts of his star witness and wishes this court to believe that only today at he was contacted by Womanya to say that this lady is unwell and say that he ahs no other witness. My lord it will appear there is reluctance on the part of prosecution to afford the 23 men appearing before this court a fair and speedy trial. My lord each time this matter is delayed we rise up and say there are 22 accused illegally detained at Luzira maximum prison. They are on trial for their lives .My lord we submit that PWI tendency to dress like a clown …the prosecution should resist from taking this matter lightly its a serious trial. We in the defence do not happily go along with persistent cries that we are not ready. Its become clear that this lady is no longer willing to come for trial .My lord is she is sic, she is only sick of questions. We have not cross-examined her in total.

Kagaba It goes with evaluation on her evidence.

Mpanga My lord submission could be done on that with authorities. My second prayer is that this trial must proceed today. Its only 10.05 am. Its hardly believable that my learned friend cannot bring a single witness. Counsels are here other matters are being adjourned prosecution made their bate on witnesses to call, let them lie on it and not make everybody waste time. The trial should not be reduced into a circus. We must proceed today.

Matovu comes in to supplement on submission.

Matovu I find that the circumstances here do not fit this occasion (reads a law) It gives you discretion to adjourn on reasonable cause. This is a third time the prosecution has, without evidence, applied for adjournment and the defence did not object to the adjournments. But an allegation is a fact that can be proved. My lord these are statements that we must prove. Firstly the existence of Womanya. Secondly, whether he is the police force Thirdly whether the witness is actually sick fourthly, whether this Womanya is competent and that he examined the witness and confirmed she is sick. Unless this Womanya comes here and corroborates my learned friends story, we are running into risk of infringing on the right of these people are being illegally held .If you find that you are inclined to this witness to come and give evidence , I pray we proceed under the law. I just want to say that we are ready to proceed on the submission of no case to answer on count one. We have information that the witness has fled the country.

Kagaba That is very interesting, without a pass port

Matovu Especially when you have several names. My client here fled the country…( meaning Besigye causing laughters)
Unless my learned friend brings to the contrary…Infact she has been giving evidence under duress and has fled the country. There other witnesses like the Salambwa’s are around we see them everyday around Sheraton and Nakasero. The problem is that they are not anxious to give evidence.

Kagaba Two things have arisen one is that there is a possibility that the witness may have left Uganda for another country. Two Salambwa’s and Patrick are in Kampala can be contacted to come to court to give evidence.

Byabakama I will star with first issue my lord. Am surprised that the defence seem to have peculiar facts about the witness within their knowledge. First it was that the witness had certain communication gadgets…

Kagaba Did you read Red Pepper on Monday?

Byabakama I rarely read that paper. My firm conviction is that this witness has not fled the country.

Kagaba The burden shifts. If she does show up in court the story will be three quarters right.
How long are we going to be in this court waiting for her treatment? Already one week is gone…

Byabakama Its also not advisable for the defence to make allegations…(Alaka interjects quickly)
But there is also the story that she is sic. It could not be that there story is true. Its not true that this witness is under duress. There is no reasons for her to flee the country. On issue of witnesses I said we have lined up our witnesses in certain ways. They are coming from Gulu and have families…

Kagaba These people, (accused persons) don’t have families? You can have them in the hotel
We can witnesses as far as Kotido Adjumani they testify and go back. What is peculiar about this case?

Kagaba If she doesn’t come tomorrow their story would be three quarters true.

Byabakama Incase they are proved wrong they should apologize

Matovu He didn’t apologize last time when the witness was celebrating with the president

Kagaba You see we would be busy we are smiling joking…

Byabakama My lord I also hate being idle. I pray this court grant the adjournment for prosecution to call other witnesses so that we proceed. I so pray.

Kagaba I feel you must get this costs. What is that provision for costs?
Byabakama, Costs in a criminal trial?

Kagaba Yes.
Byabakama Am also trying to look for the section.

Mpanga 125(1c) my lord of the Trial and Indictment Act.

Kagaba I have heard and considered the submissions of the defence and prosecution above. The unexplained absence of Aryem the mysterious communication between Deputy DPP and one Womanya whose identity is only known to Byabakama Mugenyi. The drugging of the trial to the detriment of the 23 accused 22 of whom are on remand.
After considering what both prosecution and defence have put before me, I make the fowling orders:
Prosecution must produce Aryem tomorrow at 9.00am in order to negative the allegations raised by the defence that she is not sick, not wiling to testify any more or may have fled the country for reason bets known to herself.

Prosecution must produce all witnesses from Gulu to court. These witnesses should be accommodated in Kampala so that there are no reasons for adjourning this case due to absence of distant witnesses.

Prosecution should get in touch with it Kampala witnesses based witness ad avail them to court for testifying if those form Gulu are unable for one reason or another to be here. Otherwise the hearing of this case is adjourned to tomorrow at 9.00am.

April 20, 2005 . Time check 9.55am

Court resumes
Byabakama My lord the bar is as before.

Kagaba Are all interpreters in?
Interpreters stand up.
Byabakama My lord yesterday the defence alleged that PWI had fled the country and that this honorable court ordered that the only way to clear those allegations is for the witness to appear here in person she is now here which in effect proves that yesterday’s allegations was a poorly fabricated falsehood. I believe the defence owes her an apology for making those allegations.

Matovu Now that the witness is here, I pray that we proceed with the hearing.

Byabakama Am informed the witness is unable …

Kagaba Forget about that. If it becomes protracted illness there is a provision for that.

Byabakama My lord an informed…

Kagaba By who?

Byabakama Womanya

Kagaba Where is he?

Byabakama That the witness was ready to come to court as ordered .I asked him whether the
She was able to testify. He said the witness is still sick. I did emphasize to the said officer that weather the witness was able to testify or not she has to appear as directed by this court. The prosecution is very much interested in her evidence and we would want her to testify. However, since the witness is now before r this court, It would be in my view it better to determine form her whether she would be able to testify. Secondly my lord. Court directed that the prosecution should have other witnesses my lord.

Kagaba How many?

Byabakama Two my lord. My lord prosecution is not obscuring this witness in any way because we are aware of the implication of her incomplete testimony. Am not pushing that the witness should not testify but only relay on what I was informed. But there is no other better person other than her self.

Matovu My lord we didn’t want to push on this circus. Its not for court ask whether she wants to testify or not. Womanya will not help us. My lord we are not perfectly healthy especially if you are a lawyer for the opposition or in the opposition .We want a medical expert We don’t want to be sacked into legal drama.

Kagaba Aryem where were you yesterday?

Aryem I was feeling dizzy and drowsy.

Kagaba Were you checked?

Aryem Yes my lord I was as checked.

Kagaba How did you come in?

Aryem I went round ( through security check points) and I used this door

Kagaba Back to your absence

Aryem My ears were excessively paining

Kagaba Can you hear when I speak?

Aryem I don’t hear it clearly. I just hear sound
I get some words but not clear on my left ear.

Kagaba It means you have problems with your left ear.

Aryem Yes my lord

Kagaba This case was adjourned last Wednesday. One of the reason was for you to receive bets treatment for ears and throat. Did you receive treatment?

Aryem I got treatment

Kagaba Now you are a witness in this court, are you ready to continue with your testimony?

Aryem I cannot because I still have a lot of pains

Kagaba How long is it going to take U you are the first witness who long will we wait. How long will the pain take?

Aryem If they remove some fluid from my head I will be better my lord.

Kagaba What does the doctor say?

Aryem passes over document which he reads quietly

Matovu We wish to have a copy of that document. We are not entitled to a copy?

Kagaba We don’t want to make her sickness a public domain.

Kagaba It means you have to be admitted it means you wont be available for sometime.

Aryem I don’t know my lord

Kagaba She needs to be admitted and in future she needs a hearing aid (laughters)

Byabakama My lord I only hope this exonerates poor Womanya. My lord I was barred form talking directly to witnesses.

Kagaba The problem shall we wait for her to tell us on her mobile phone that she is ready..

Byabakama My suggestion is that either court puts a mechanism of monitoring progress on her treatment .She is still a witness of this court . I request her evidence be stayed; I call other witness as we monitor her condition.

Kagaba Keeping away from court for long…

Byabakama Since the documents suggest that the remedy can be handled we hope she can continue m lord. We apologize that this is going to mix up court record. Prosecution apologizes for that.

Kagaba I have read a report of TNT doctor who examined the witness. According to the doctor, Aryem has fluid in her ears. Aryem has to be admitted and in future my need a hearing aid. Because of her sickness I will excuse her for today to go go and continue treating herself.

Go and get treated and keep informing prosecution about your progress. Your evidence at this stage is of very little use. You can go.

Prosecution calls PW2

Njuba I have an application to make in connection with next witnesses. The defence and in particular those who speak Kinyankole and Kiswahili do not need a translation. All witness must also go through check points We see them emerge from nowhere. I have had an experience on this matter before.

Byabakama We have no objection on measures being suggested to expedite this trial.

Kagaba I will not go with that let interpreters remain interpreting for the benefit of others.
All prosecution witnesses must be checked.

Kagaba Do you understand English?

Witness No my lord

Kagaba How did you enter this courtroom?

Witness I used the main gate went round and use this door.

Kagaba Were you checked?

Witness Yes

Kagaba Where?

Witness Police checked me my lord

Kagaba This is PW2

Byabakama What is your name?

Witness Am called Abedo George

Kagaba How old are you?

Abedo 43 years

Kagaba What do you do?

Abedo Am a farmer

Kagaba from which village

Abedo Lacor

Kagaba Sub county?

Abedo Lamogi sub county

Kagaba Which county

Abedo Kilak

Kagaba which district ?

Abedo Gulu

Kagaba What is your religion?

Abedo I am born again

Kagaba Do you use a Bible?

Abedo I use a Bible.

Kagaba swear by the Bible

Abedo swears

Byabakama Abedo you say you live in Lacor village?

Abedo I stay there.

Byabakama Were you born there?

Abedo I wasn’t born there

Byabakama Where is your home village?

Abedo Pabbo

Byabakama Pabbo village Sub County?

Abedo Pabbo sub county.

Byabakama What is the name of the village ?

Abedo Acut chama

Byabakama How many are you in your family?

Abedo We are six

Kagaba Girls? Boys?

Abedo three boys three girls.

Byabakama Apart from your self who are your other brothers?

Abedo Kwoyelo Thomas and Moses Ocan.

Byabakama Where is Kwoyelo?

Abedo Kwoyelo is in the bush .

Byabakama Do you know what he is doing?

Abedo He is one of the rebels with Kony.

Byabakama Do you know when he went to the bush?

Abedo I know

Byabakama When was that?

Abedo 1991

Byabakama Do you know how he went to the bush?

Abedo I know

Byabakama Can you tell this court how?

Abedo When Kwoyelo was at his home at Acut Chama rebels came to his home.

Kagaba Were you at home with him?

Abedo I was not at home

Byabakama In 1989 did anything happen to you?

Abedo Something happened. LRA came home and found me and abducted me and we went
With me to the bush.

Byabakama which home?

Abedo At my home at Acut chama

Byabakama Were you the only person abducted from your family?

Abedo I was the only one.

Kagaba How old were you?

Abedo Around 26 years.

Byabakama Where was Kwoyelo when LRA abducted you?

Abedo Kwoyelo was fishing.

Byabakama Were you the only person abducted from your village that day?

Abedo There were many boys abducted that day.

Byabakama What followed after LRA abducted you?

Abedo We went far in the village called Palaro Te ladwong and trained as LRA.

Byabakama Where is this place Palaro?

Abedo In Gulu district

Byabakama You said when you were taken to Palaro what happened?

Abedo After training for three months UPDF attacked where we were.

Byabakama What kind of training did you undergo before you were attacked?

Abedo It was military training.

Byabakama Do you know why you were receiving military training?

Abedo Yes I know because we were told.

Byabakama Why?

Abedo To overthrow the government.

Matovu Who told you. We want names.

Abedo The leader who was training us was Kony himself .

Byabakama Which government were you to overthrow?

Abedo President Yoweri Museveni’s government.

Byabakama Did you have any arms during training?

Abedo We used sticks for raining

Kagaba Had guns?

Abedo There were guns with other people

Byabakama What kind of people had guns?

Abedo Those who were there before us.

Byabakama Apart form sticks did you handle guns your self.?

Abedo We had Pangas (machetes)

Byabakama Did you hold a gun?

Abedo Yes

Byabakama What kind of gun/

Abedo A gun called SMG

Byabakama What kind of clothes were you and your group putting on?

Abedo At the time we were abducted we were in civilian clothes so us recruits remained in civilian

Byabakama Incidentally who was the commander when you were training?

Abedo Commander was called Atoro

Byabakama I will take you back .You said after three months UDPF came and attacked your group.About what time was it?

Abedo Early in the morning

Byabakama What happened next when you were attacked?

Abedo People scattered I also got a chance to pave my way to get back home

Byabakama When you escaped back home did you find anybody at home?

Abedo When I escaped I found everyone at home

Byabakama Yes. And what did you do at home?

Abedo I continued with usual life of farming

Byabakama Did you ever report to any authority?

Abedo I reported to LC of my area

Byabakama What LC ? one? two?

Abedo LC one

Byabakama. Right. You said Kwoyelo was abducted in 1991 where were you?

Abedo I was in the farm

Byabakama What happened while you were in the farm?

Abedo I retuned and found Kwoyelo was already abducted.

Byabakama What followed after you found Kwoyelo was abducted?

Abedo I reported to LC one.

Kagaba If he says he reported to LC one without mentioning names .. he must specify

Abedo He is called Nyeko Ben.

Byabakama Who is the elder brother to the other?

Abedo Am the elder one

Byabakama Now. Since that day in 1991 Kwoyelo went missing, have you seen him again?

Abedo I saw him

Byabakama When did you see him?

Abedo In 200 for the first time.

Byabakama Where did you see him?

Abedo In a place called Tepuwiny

Byabakama Where is this place found?

Abedo Its in Palubanga parish Pabbo subcounty

Byabakama How did you come to see him?

Abedo He was meeting boys in the farm and senmt them to call me.,He did come home.

Byabakama Right. When your brother sent for you what did you do?

Abedo I went to meet him

Byabakama Did you go alone?

Abedo I didn’t go alone we were four people.

Byabakama You and who?

Abedo Myself Otti Bosco, Atube Bosco and Akena Moses.

Byabakama Who were those other three?

Abedo They were my cousins but also LRA COLLABORATORS.

Byabakama Were they different from those sent to call you?

Abedo Otti Bosco and Atube Bosco were the people sent to call me

Byabakama How did you move to this place to met your brother?

Abedo I left my IDOP camp as we were going to the field continues to the bush and there we found him waiting for us .I live in Pabbo camp.

Byabakama You branched off into the bush and you met your brother?

Abedo Yes

Byabakama Was he alone?

Abedo He was with other boys

Byabakama What were they doing?

Abedo We got them seated other people were cooking.

Byabakama Did your brother or other people had anything in their hands?

Abedo All of them had guns in their hands.

Byabakama What happened when you met Kwaoyelo?

Abedo We shared many issues

Byabakama Did you ask him whata they were doing?

Abedo I did

Byabakama What was he doing?

Abedo He was a fighter

Byabakama Fighter with which people?

Abedo LRA fighter.

Byabakama How long did you stay with your brother?

Abedo The whole day

Byabakama After that?

Abedo After that we went home.

Byabakama Do you know Jennifer Aryem?

Abedo I know her

Byabakama How do you know her?

Abedo I first heard about her in 2001 and thereafter met her physically.

Kagaba Where?

Abedo In Pabbo IDP camp

Kagaba Which year did you meet her in Pabbo?

Abedo In 2001

Byabakama Where exactly in Pabbo camp did you meet Aryem

Abedo I met Jennifer Aryem in Zone F.

Byabakama How did you come to meet her.

Abedo I got her in my uncles home Akena Moses.

Byabakama What happned when you got her in your uncles home?
This home of your unlce Akena Moses is in zone F?

Abedo Yes

Byabakama Had you ever seen her before that day?

Abedo I had not seen her I just heard about her.

Kagaba Can you tell us date and month when you met her?

Abedo I don’t remember the exact date but it was after the presidential elections of 2001.

Byabakama So you say you only used to hear about her then you met her for the first time .How did you know that she is the one?

Abedo It was Atube who identified Aryem and said this Aryem you have been hearing about.

Byabakama What followed after Jennifer was introduced?

Abedo I told her I was going to Kwoyelo. Jennifer told me she was from Kampala and she was looking for contacts with LRA.I told Jennifer that I was an elder brother to Kwoyelo and Jennifer also told me she is a sister to Kamdule.

Byabakama So what followed after talking with Jennifer?

Abedo We started moving towards Tepuwiny together with Akena Moses Otti Bosco Atube Bosco and Jennifer.

Byabakama Where did you go?

Abedo To a place called Tepuwiny.

Byabakama What happened when you arrived at Tepuwiny?

Abedo We got Kwoyelo and his group.

Byabakama Was this time different form when you went to meet your brother?

Abedo It was around April 2001.

Byabakama Right. So what happened when you arrived at this place?

Abedo We introduced each other greeted our selves and Jennifer…

Kagaba You have said nothing

Byabakama When you arrived at this pace did anything happen?

Abedo Things happened.

Byabakama What happened?

Abedo Aryem stated telling Kwoyelo why she met him. Kwoyelo refused to discuss with a woman she he said she should come and call a man like him.

Byabakama What followed after Kwoyelo expressed these sentiments?

Abedo Aryem came back to Kampala.

Matovu We object to that one. Did he travel with her?

Abedo We came back. Aryem went to Kampala and went back to Salambwa.
Byabakama Where did you go?

Abedo I went to Pabbo IDP camp and then Lacor.
Byabakama How far is your home form Pabbo camp to

Abedo Its about 18 miles.

Byabakama When you left Pabbo camp for your home where was Jennifer.

Abedo Jennifer boarded a vehicle to Gulu

Byabakama How far is Pabbo to Gulu?

Abedo 24 miles.

Byabakama Did you meet Jennifer thereafter?

Abedo Yes.

Byabakama When and where?

Abedo Around May 2001 at Lacor.

Byabakama Where were you?

Abedo I was at our home

Byabakama What followed?

Abedo Jennifer, Salambwa and two other men in vehicle stood by the road side waved and I went to them.

Kagaba When you see me not writing don’t think I don’t know how to write, but because you are saying nothing.

Byabakama You said Jennifer came with two men, did you see Salambwa before?

Abedo I didn’t know him

Byabakama How did you come to know he was Salambwa?

Abedo Aryem told me

Byabakama What did you do?

Abedo I entered in the vehicle and we went to Pabbo and entered a bush.

Kagaba What kind of vehicle?

Abedo A pick up

Kagaba There many pickups what kind?

Abedo A white pickup. It seem it was Toyota.

Kagaba With whom did you move to the bush?

Abedo It was me, Aryem Akena Moses, Atube Bosco and Otti Bosco.

Byabakama Where was Salambwa and the two men?

Abedo We moved with Salambwa and the other two men remained in the vehicle.

Kagaba Salambwa also went in the bush?

Abedo Yes.

Byabakama Where did you go this time?

Abedo We went to Tepuwiny acitakaa

Byabakama What happened when you went to this place?

Abedo We met Kwoyelo and started discussing with Salambwa.

Byabakama was Kwoyelo alone?

Abedo he was with his group

Byabakama So what followed after discussions with Kwoyelo and Salambwa?

Abedo We spent the night there. The following morning we started moving to Pabbo camp.

Byabakama When you arrived in Pabbo camp?

Abedo Aryem and Salambwa left for Gulu enroute for Kampala.

Byabakama What did you do yourself?

Abedo I remained in Pabbo.

Byabakama What followed thereafter?

Abedo Around June 2001 I again saw a vehicle stand by the road side. Someone called me I went and I saw it was Aryem. Inside the vehicle I got Salambwa

Byabakama What kind of vehicle?

Abedo It was a Diana pick up with four other men unknown to me.

Byabakama So what happned?

Abedo Aryem told me to join them in the vehicle for Pabbo so I joined.

Byabakama What happned when you arrived in Pabbo?

Abedo I, Salambwa and other two men went inside the house of Akena MOSES.

Kagaba Where was this Akena MOSES?

Abedo We got him waiting for us in his in house.

Kagaba Akena Moses was a collaborator?

Abedo Yes my lord.

Byabakama You went to the house of Akena Moses what happned?

Abedo Salambwa introduced the tow men. One was called Miggadde and another one Patrick.

Kagaba Miggadde no other name?

Abedo No my lord we were just told these single names

Byabakama what followed after this men were introduced?

Abedo I didn’t attend the meeting I remained in the camp.

Byabakama which meeting is this you say you did not attend?

Abedo Aryem and Kamadulu’s meeting.

Byabakama You remained in the camp what followed?

Abedo The fowling day me Otti went to met Kwoyelo.

Byabakama where did you go to meet Kwoyelo?

Abedo At a place called Acet ataa

Byabakama When you met him what happened?

Abedo Kwoyelo told me to join Salambwa for Kampala to attend a meeting for Reform Agenda.

Byabakama What did you do?

Abedo I traveled to Kampala.

Byabakama With whom did you travel?

Abedo Myself Salambwa Miggadde and Patrick.

Byabakama How did you travel to Kampala

Abedo Patrick drove us from Gulu to Kampala.

Byabakama What vehicle?

Abedo It was saloon car.

Byabakama What happned when you arrived in Kampala?

Abedo when we arrived near the bus park Salambwa came out of the vehicle that we used roled won and came back in a minibus.

Kagaba Which bus park?

Abedo I don’t know Kampala when we are told we are near bus park I just know bus park.

Kagaba Who was driving the minibus?

Abedo Salambwa himself.

Byabakama After Salambwa came in a minibus what followed?

Abedo Salambwa took us to place called Nalukolongo.

Byabakama You were with who in the minibus?

Abedo We were three Me Salambwa and Miggadde.

Byabakama What happened next?

Abedo We spent the night there me and Miggadde

Byabakama so what happened?

Abedo Salambwa came with the minibus told us to board to meet his his boss.

Byabakama Where did you go?

Abedo We went to a place where Aryem was and picked her.

Byabakama What followed?

Abedo We started going to a place I don’t know its name.

Byabakama .Yes?

Abedo We entered a place where there some policemen at the gate.

Byabakama Did you see or meet anyone in this home?

Abedo Yes

Byabakama Who did you meet?

Abedo I met Kizza Besigye

Byabakama Did you know Kizza Besigye before that day?

Abedo Yes I knew him

Byabakama How did you know him?

Abedo During his presidential campaigns he went to Gulu and I saw him.

Byabakama Where did you see him during campaigns?

Abedo Gulu town Kaunda ground.

Byabakama This was presidential campaigns during which year?

Abedo 2001.

Byabakama You said you met Kizza Besigye what happened after?

Abedo He just greeted us and told us to go and rest and that we would meet the following day.

Byabakama Did you meet him the following day?

Abedo Yes at Bukoto

Byabakama How did you know this place was Bukoto?

Abedo Salambwa told me.

Mpanga We will submit that he met Kizza Besigye at place he doesn’t know

Byabakama Where you met Kizza Besigye is it the same place you met him before?

Abedo They are different places

Byabakama What happened when you met Kizza Besigye?

Abedo We sat together in an office they say its for Reform Agenda

Byabakama You and who?

Abedo Besigye, Byaruhanga, Salambwa Miggadde, Patrick and someone called Mityaba and Obote James Opoka and there were other people i don’t know their names.

Kagaba What about Aryem?

Abedo She want not there.

Byabakama What happened?

Abedo We were sharing how we can coordinate between LRA and Reform Agenda

Byabakama Did any person speak in this meeting?

Abedo Besigye is the one who opened the meeting.

Byabakama What did he say?

Abedo Besigye said that inside should look at me am someone from LRA because LRA sent me to come and listen to what they were saying and report back.

Byabakama Did he say anything?

Abedo He asked for the opinion of the members who were inside

Byabakama Is there anything lese he she said?

Abedo He sated how they can share items because LRA had asked for satellite phones.

Byabakama What else followed?

Abedo the meting was closed but with disagreements

Byabakama Disagreements between who and who?

Abedo Between Besigye and Salambwa.

Byabakama What was the disagreement about?

Abedo Salambwa was saying the fight should start from within and Besigye was saying it should start form outside Uganda.

Kagaba So the meeting ended?

Abedo Salambwa told me to leave with him but Besigye told me to wait and said he wants to meet LRA leaders outside Uganda.

Byabakama When Besigye told you to wait what did you do?

Abedo He told me the same things of meeting LRA outside Uganda

Byabakama What followed?

Abedo I boarded a vehicle and came to town.

Byabakama What followed?

Abedo That day I boarded a bus and went back to Gulu

Byabakama When you returned to Gulu what did you do?

Abedo I went to report to Kwoyelo what i heard.

Byabakama Did you see Kizza Besigye after that?

Abedo I did not see him again

Byabakama My lord that is all form this witness.

Mpanga My lord we would like a copy of the statement he made to the police and may be just ask one or tow questions.

Mpanga Are you in good health?

Abedo Yes am in good health

Mpanga You have no problems with your ears head

Abedo Everything is fine

Mpanga We shall work on the rest of cross- examination tomorrow.

Court adjourn to April 21 at 9.00am