May 22, 2008
South Africans need to grow up
The wave of violence engulfing South Africa, including the targeting of foreigners from other African countries, is worrying and embarrassing.
Obama inspires belief in ourselves
Oprah Winfrey, billionaire talk-show host, often refers to an ‘A-ha!’ moment. It is a moment of perfect clarity when we stop in our tracks and realise that we finally understand something entirely.
Animal Farm: leaders doing us a favour
I did not want this day to pass without being counted. How on earth did I forget that this is the second anniversary of President Museveni in power since the 2006 elections! It could only be the senile me to forget such an important day - May 12.
Poverty bites us for lack of ideas

On May 3, 2008, Makerere University Muslim Students Association (MUMSA) hosted a get-together party at the mosque gardens for all the university Muslim alumni.

DP doesn't need 'mabugo' votes to win
The Buikwe South constituency in Mukono district and Lubaga South in Kampala are very far apart. Last week, however, one would have easily mistaken parts of Lubaga to be part of Buikwe.
Don't blame media for pastors' sins
Seldom do I publicly respond to reactions to my stories but I must make an exception to, ‘I lied that Pastor Imelda’s prayers cured my AIDS’ and ‘Dying in God’s name; can prayers substitute ARVS?’ (The Weekly Observer, May 8-14, 2008.)