May 22, 2008
The lease and purchase of 240 official limousines for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Uganda had the word scandal written all over.
State House borrowed Sheraton cooks
The panic and drama that unfolded as Uganda hosted the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) exposed the incompetence and lack of capacity in every sector.
Chogm roads mess
Exactly six months after the Commonwealth Summit in Kampala, The Weekly Observer can reveal the extent of the mess that characterised the Shs 250bn meeting.
Onzima tests FDC's resolve
When Alex Onzima embraced President Museveni, offered him a gift and showered him with praises during his recent visit to the West Nile region, the Maracha MP knew what was to follow.
Businessman wants to return Muslim land
Even before court decides whether the Mufti, Shaban Mubajje, is guilty of fraud, the man who bought the contested Muslim property wants to pull out of the deal.
Zimbabwe a good case of Africa's failed democracy
A tense presidential election run-off is on the cards in Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, Chameroon's President Paul Biya has pushed legislation throught parliament, allowing him to stand for another 7-year term.
Otafiire fails to sort out Ssembabule mess
The leadership deadlock in Ssembabule district has taken another twist with tthe new Chief Administative officer (CAO) being denied access to the office.
Peer review: labour conditions appalling
A country assessment report on the social, economic and political environment has decried the poor working conditions that still obtain in private and public sectors, calling upon government to address the situation
When UPDF recalled release

On the surface it looks an innocent press release that condemns thugs who are terrorising the city. But somehow it casts Police in bad light and makes it appear incapable of policing the nation.