May 22, 2008
Stomp with Kirk Franklin
So, can the euphoria surrounding Kirk Franklin’s coming to perform in Uganda bring good tidings to Uganda’s gospel musicians?
Govt wants all districts broke

The NRM government has welcomed news that districts are broke as “unequivocal demonstration that our bad policies are working.” In a statement issued in reaction to a Sunday Monitor story that a good number of the country’s 80 districts are broke, the government’s spin-doctor, a one Tamiira Murundi, said that when the NRM government curved a district out of pretty much every village, the intention was precisely to make the new districts broke.

Twins follow Miss Uganda dream to Hoima
For a town that hardly draws showbiz attention, Miss Uganda took a chance and headed to Hoima - a first in the pageant’s history.
utl rocks Ibanda
When we passed Mbarara on Friday evening, it had just rained and you couldn’t blame one for keeping indoors.
But 60km north of the town, it was blazing.
TAA: Ugandan survives eviction
The remaining Ugandan in The Apprentice Africa (TAA) narrowly survived getting fired.
Tusker Project Fame Update

Nanyonjo evicted, Naava resumes probation

Winfrey Nanyonjo’s tears did not save her from eviction even after the Principal Achieng Abura threw in words of encouragement.

Why it is brilliant to be 39 years old

In the fast Lane
This might piss off a few people, but who said I am in the amusement business? If I spent my life trying to make people happy, I would be one miserable son of you-know-what.

Gone too soon!

Usually, I cannot wait to see the football season off, so that we can start to live again and more importantly, get some deserved attention.

Weekend Guide

Showing at Cineplex
Another Indiana Jones movie

Movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Starring: Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Shia LaBeouf

Desree Barlow joins WBS

After failing in politics, Ms Desree Barlow, formerly of UBC, KFM and President’s Office, has now joined the WBS TV news team.

Pottery in a whole new dimension
Tulifanya Gallery in Hannington Road (behind Crested Towers) is hosting a new exhibition.
Kateregga Ismail presents his “Portraits of the Capital” in pastel colours. They are truly gifted images of the city.


The Sunday Do Me beach concert almost kissed a dead end after the main sponsor pulled out at the last hour.
Crown Bottling Limited (CBL) through its Mirinda Pineapple brand had financed the Nigerian R&B duo, P-Square to perform at a family concert at Resort Beach, Entebbe.