May 22, 2008
TAA: Ugandan survives eviction
By Simon Musasizi

The remaining Ugandan in The Apprentice Africa (TAA) narrowly survived getting fired.

Deox’s coffin had been nailed by Mimi (the CEO’s assistant) but the CEO failed to accomplish the mission.
The task was for the contestants to raise funds for charity.

The three members of Matrix Corp won under the leadership of Kathleen. They set up an impressive skit at the Galleria to raise funds for the children.
Zulu Corp had a three piece monologue , but it was disjointed.

The CEO declared Matrix winners before his assistants passed judgement. We did not even hear how much money each group made. Amazing!
Project Manager, Regina was tasked to name two people for the boardroom and she chose Blessing to rally with her against Deox. But the move backfired. Blessing turned against her and Regina paid for conniving with Eunice to have Nancy fired.

Many fans think the CEO is maintaining insolent, rude and un-resourceful women in the game.
“I am shocked that Regina [was] fired. I wonder what the criteria is for choosing the apprentice. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Hope it’s not been contracted out...” Lyno whines on the reality show’s official website.

Another fan said the CEO goofed when he fired Nnamdi.
“If the true and original objective of the TAA is to hire the best apprentice then, I dare say, the program has derailed!” Dilig noted.

And Eunice is getting all the flak.
“The issue here was with cost management which apparently was Eunice’s responsibility for crying out loud! Eunice is … low results and high attitude, people we lazily refer to here in Nigeria as ‘eye service’ only that this particular one is further tainted with poor manners!” Dilig wrote.

For the winner, a corporate job with befitting perks and an annual salary of US$200,000 (about Shs350m) awaits.