May 22, 2008

utl rocks Ibanda

By Simon Musasizi

When we passed Mbarara on Friday evening, it had just rained and you couldn’t blame one for keeping indoors.
But 60km north of the town, it was blazing. The rural town of Ibanda came to life as party goers thronged the Old Taxi Park and its neighbouring highway, which was sealed off by Police, to rollout utl’s Extend Your Talk promotion.

Kampala-based upcoming artiste, Man Levi with his hip-hop single Zisiwuse and utl van boy Scubie Doo drawing warmed the audience.

Then came the home boys, Black Bee and Fair J Kivumbi Man with Ebyana Bya City.
Next, was the Fabulous Squad dancing group dressed like soldiers, miming Boys II Men’s I promise you to a rural audience.

But soon, they realised the crowd wasn’t amused and came back dancing to local music.
The gift of the night came from singer Bebe Cool who kept the crowd on its toes. It climaxed with Necessary Noise’s Nazizi joining Bebe Cool to do Fire Anthem, Boom Shak atak, etc.

David Mwesigwa, a Makerere University student, won a motorcycle while Robert Ahimbisibwe, a shop attendant and Jamada Kasibante, a boda boda cyclist won generators.