May 22, 2008
Pottery in a whole new dimension

Patricia Karner

Tulifanya Gallery in Hannington Road (behind Crested Towers) is hosting a new exhibition.
Kateregga Ismail presents his “Portraits of the Capital” in pastel colours. They are truly gifted images of the city. Next to his paintings, especially a variety of pottery exhibited leaves the visitors of the gallery reaching for their purses.

There are beautifully fragile bean- and animal-head shaped forms out of clay and wonderful balls that please the eyes and the heart by just being there. Next are small bowls, my personal favourites, decorated with little dots and circles and other boat-like pots.

Apart from them being wonderful pieces of art, they are useful at the same time. By purchasing them, you additionally contribute to the welfare of orphans.

The pottery is made by the pottery department of a vocational training mission for girls called “Vision for Africa (VIAI)”. They are situated in Kiyunga, Mukono.
Carola Tengler of the VIAI’s pottery department says they use African tradition for making pottery that is thousands of years old.

In her opinion, pottery is and can be useful but also “just a piece of art” to be enjoyed. Carola wishes that more Ugandans come to experience their art and value it.
One of the highlights of the exhibition is that the ladies will enjoy special colourful bracelets and necklaces out of beads made of clay and silver that are also made by VIAI and presently for sale at Tulifanya.