May 22, 2008
Why a kwanjula letter can stop a wedding
“If anybody has any reason as to why these two should not be joined together in marraige, say it now or forever hold your peace…” is a phrase I had gotten accustomed to at weddings that I had come to a point of regarding it as just a matter of procedure and nothing much would come out of it.
I met a beautiful girl in a taxi and noticed she is the very girl I had seen a year ago. We exchanged phone numbers and after a day of our first meeting, I called her and we met and talked for hours.
Sometimes it pays to put it off

The urge to make love comes any time all the time, but if you want to have an unforgettable bout, do not go all the way if you realize the circumstances are not that conducive.

Let it out

I once bragged in this column, how I have a whine-mate. You know the one I call when loneliness visits. She doesn’t offer advice on how to find a man or try to find me a match, she just listens and understands. In good time, I return the favour.

Setting an example

One Man's ramblings
Friends have always told me that I’m too proud a person to live a normal life.

Would you ever consider an abortion?

Veronicah Muwonge, 28, Artist

Some people are just lustful, especially men. In the case of Josef Fritz, it must have been psychological. Probably he saw his wife in the daughter, who looks too much like her mother from the pictures shown on TV.

Some lies are just so true

or the Akon concert at Lugogo Cricket oval, Elle, 28, was kind enough to get me a ticket too in the VIP section. My boss is whispering with Joanna, 26 and Sheba, 37, behind 32-year-old Stella's back.

To hell with your Oga

With the football season all but over, Steve, 34 and Johnny, 33 are joined by Pascal, 33 over drinks at the Grand Imperial balcony. A recent article in The Weekly Observer is the topic. Steve is particularly riled that girls seem to crown Nigerians as the most romantic species...