May 22, 2008
Would you ever consider an abortion?

With John Vianney Nsimbe

Afsana Pey, Student

Oh my God! Kill an unborn child, why? My faith doesn’t condone it. If you’ve messed up your life, don’t take it out on the unborn child. They are innocent even when they are a result of rape or incest. I won’t abort even if the doctor suggested it for my safety; I leave it to fate.

Christine Gitaka, 25, Accountant

Even if I was raped, God forbid, I can’t abort because it’s painful and murder at the same time. It can affect one’s reproductive system and as such, it should never be legalised.

Patricia Mayanja, 25, Sales

I wouldn’t want to consider abortion and I don’t support it at all. But if you became pregnant as a result of rape or incest, abortion would be a realistic choice, really.

Edna Namanya, 20, Student

Even if the doctor said that my life was at risk, I would leave it in God’s hands because the Bible forbids us from killing unborn children. I can never abort because it’s a deadly act and it must continue to be pronounced illegal.

Muzna Ahmed, Student
If it’s the only way to guard my life, I can abort because of the risk involved. Otherwise, I don’t support it and it must never be legalised.

Raymond Kasaijja, 31, Lawyer

For Christians, abortion is murder and therefore unacceptable. But realistically, a woman’s life can be at risk due to the pregnancy and aborting is the only option. Legal or illegal, it should ultimately be a personal choice.

Julius Katende, 28, Artist

I can’t consider it whatsoever. Is it that Uganda doesn’t have enough land or food to cater for newly born children? Let legal abortions remain in the developed world.

Norah Nambaziira, 21, Student

Only if my life was at risk if I kept the pregnancy would I abort otherwise no! It's a wrong thing to kill a child and I fear it. I could die as a result or never have children because of the complications that can result from it on the uterus. Anyone caught aborting should be punished by law.

Patrick Golooba, 31, Artist

If there was likely to be some jeopardy to the lady’s life as a result of keeping the pregnancy, I would accept the abortion. Otherwise, I’m against abortion.

Charles Asiimwe, 24, Social worker
I would consider abortion if at all the family from which the girl hails is hostile or has some wrong tendencies and traits that I wouldn’t want my child to inherit.