May 22, 2008
Setting an example

One Man's ramblings

Friends have always told me that I’m too proud a person to live a normal life.

I didn’t grow up in a rich family but throughout my life I’ve always displayed an uncanny level of showiness to mask the real situation back home. I remember while still in Senior 6, I almost choked on debts while courting Brown, who was then a few levels below me!

Even in adulthood, many think I earn three times my real salary. I’m a highly sought after fundraiser for weddings because of my ‘bottomless’ pockets. During such meetings, especially when I’ve downed a few Pilsners, I don’t hesitate to commit myself to six figure sums. So flamboyant of me that at simple occasions such as birthday parties I always blow much more than what I spend on myself.

That was then and I’ve got fed up of wasting my hard earned dime on other people’s personal issues as Brown sulks back home.

I refused to hold a graduation party because I didn’t want to bother people with raising funds but still they send me those pledge cards.

So when they got to learn of my introduction, the first question everyone was asking was; “when are the meetings starting?”

But the pride in me wouldn’t set a date. Instead, I’ve chosen to go it alone no matter how much it will cost at the end of the day. I’m not being showy but I’m setting an example to relatives and friends that one doesn’t need help from elsewhere to organise an event.

After this, I’m hoping people will stop bothering me with those irritating text messages and shameless pledge cards. Only then will they learn I’ve got more serious concerns and responsibilities to tackle first.