May 22, 2008
Let it out


I once bragged in this column, how I have a whine-mate. You know the one I call when loneliness visits. She doesn’t offer advice on how to find a man or try to find me a match, she just listens and understands. In good time, I return the favour.

Then recently a bizarre request from a friend made me realise that some people are walking this road alone in every sense. So, I thought I would say to the singles out there; find a friend to talk to. This is one rickety roller-coaster we are on. It helps to have someone to hold onto when it seems the car is tipping over.

And besides my single friends, I have my writing. I come here and download my woes on all of you. Writing, they say, is therapy. It is true. So, keep a journal. Write your heart out. Let it be your lover. Share with it your every heartache, joy, dreams. If you are Christian, you could address your journal entries to God. Write it as a prayer.

And if all that fails write to me at
I cannot promise to solve your troubles, but I will listen… well, read.