May 22, 2008

I met a beautiful girl in a taxi and noticed she is the very girl I had seen a year ago. We exchanged phone numbers and after a day of our first meeting, I called her and we met and talked for hours. I realised that we share a lot in common but she told me she has a boyfriend.
We normally hang out and sometimes she comes to my place and we watch movies together. I want to take her by the lake shores and express my feelings because she has become irresistible. Should I go ahead and and how do I start?



Response (S):

She told you the truth that she has a boy friend. What else do you want? Do not prepare to sin. God hates sin (Romans 13:14). Just be friends and I would urge you to start fellowshipping instead of watching movies. Search for righteousness.
Prince Kasagama Isagara Ateenyi.

Do not wait to take her to the lake shores to express your feelings. I am sure she also feels the same way but if she asks for some time, be understanding and if the proposal is rejected do not despair because you are sure she has a boyfriend. Sometimes it is so hard to have a girl as just a friend.
Frank. M

Don't you think this girl is on her search for a soul mate? What if she gives in and after some time she lets you down? Who will you blame? The fact is she told you she has a boyfriend. She could be playing a game. Don't rush, give it time.
Herbert Ssali, 0714 823884

Gone are the days when girls used to fear their boyfriends, things have changed! If you are given a chance and yet she is not too young for you, her yes will mean yes and vice versa.
By the lake shores as you said, let every one express his or her feelings. Don't forget to ask her about her boyfriend.
Jimmy Kazige, Masaka

You ought to be glad that she was bold enough to tell you that she has a boyfriend.
Keep her as a friend with no strings attached. As for those feelings they will fade with time. You don't know what they have been through please don't break them apart.
There are so many girls who are single, try your luck!
Nina Grace Wango

She told you she has a boyfriend. Probably she treasures you as a friend. Tell her what you feel for her and ask her to keep her distance too. She expects you to respect her relationship.


And next week…

I am 54 years old and the girl I am interested in is 22 years old. She shows interest in me too; but I just want her to be a friend because of the age difference. I am divorced, and I have a son who is 20 and a daughter who is 18 from my first marriage.
Do you think it is morally right to have a sexual relationship with a girl who is almost the age of my children?
Secondly I don't know how her parents will react if she introduces me as her husband. I may be as old as her parents.

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